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How to drive to Quinta da Bella Vista

If you are coming FROM LISBON to Quinta da Bella Vista, no worries, it is a very simple, almost-straight line way. In normal traffic, it can take about 25-35 minutes, from the center of Lisbon. 

Enter "Quinta da Bella Vista" on Google (Rua Barbosa du Bocage). Be careful, it is 2 "L"s, and do not enter the word "hotel", as you will end up somewhere else! Then use the map application that is closest to your heart!

The only critical junctions are mostly inside the old town Sintra: 

  • First one is a fork right after a hotel under construction which you will find on your left, KEEP LEFT. If you go right and down, you will end up at the historic village!

  • Second point is another fork where on your left the road goes UP to the Pena Palace. KEEP RIGHT.  (There is also a big sign with a red circle and white inside - that is the European sign for "no-pass").

  • Last point is at Quinta da Regaleira: KEEP LEFT (and up) and ignore the traffic light.  

  • Then, after the Palacio Seteais Hotel (on your right), continue, in about 100 meters, pass under a small stone bridge,

  • Immediately after the little bridge, on your left, you will see an old fountain in yellow color.

  • Continue, our gate is about 100 meters down, on your "hard" RIGHT (you need to make an almost "U-turn" to the right).  Drive slowly! 

If you are coming FROM THE BEACH, or COLARES / GALAMARES, then follow this path:

  • First to Palacio Monserrate: and then...

  • ...Pass the big red "one way" sign! Ignore it! Google will tell you that you cannot go, please ignore it, it simply has not been updated. 

  • Do not worry, you are not doing anything illegal!  You will see under this sign, a smaller sign with "1500 m" on it. This little sign invalidates the "one way" sign, explaining that the real one way starts in 1500 meters. This is the exact distance to our gate, which you will find in front of you on your left at the end of this 1.5 km.

Please do let us know if you need any further assistance!

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